in memory for Richard

On July 28th, Frank and Yves' beloved dad and greatest Ghiribizzi fan Richard past away... He greatly supported the band over the years and was always present at rehearsals and performances. He even visited during studio-time. In the last week of his life he still gave us advice and shedd light on his views about the band and the songs. His perseverance was unique and gave the band the strength to continue. His favorite song was Lost In Thought. We will miss him badly, but the Ghiribizzi songs will keep him forever in our hearts and thoughts as a reminder. We all wish him a good journey... and we ... have to pull our way through ...


Frank Centauri founded Ghiribizzi in June 2000.  Together with Yves Simmah, they are

the cores of Ghiribizzi.

Ghiribizzi released a demo-album in 2001, titled Zep Tepi.

In March 2005 Ghiribizzi entered Ace Studio (Belgium), managed by producer/sound engineer Frank Van Bogaert. Their second album, titled Pan’ta Rhei, produced by F. Van Bogaert & Ghiribizzi, saw daylight in November 2005.  This album became a well-known disc in the progressive rock scene in Belgium and beyond.

The band returned to Ace Studio and, in May 2010, Ghiribizzi released their third album Circuit Rewiring.

Circuit Rewiring, produced by F. Van Bogaert, F. Centauri  & Y. Simmah, brings the band to new heights.

Ghiribizzi delivers its divers music live on stage, accompanied with powerful entertainment.

Indeed, Ghiribizzi’s recognizable sound and Centauri’s lead vocal became their trademarks and still are.

Ghiribizzi is,

Gino Bartolini : drums.

Laurens Gardeniers : rhythm/solo guitar.

Krid Yrus : bass guitar.

Yves Simmah : keys/back.vocals/midi.

Frank Centauri : lead vocals/back.vocals/piano/keys/rhythm guitar and Cyclops tambourine.

®Ghiribizzi is a registrated brandname.






Sint Kruis Winkel / Gent








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